Florida Charter Schools benefit from
Affordable, Site-License Pricing

NEW FOR 2017: At a price that might astound your school board ACT Success combines all key success measures in one online course – assuring schools and school districts that all students will achieve their Personal A+™.


Convinced ACT Success is right for your students?

Pricing is tiered based on the size of your School or School District - savings can be dramatic!

We believe that students' zip codes should not be a barrier to their future success. Our already low consumer price is drastically discounted to all schools; for just a few dollars per student, a school can prepare all of their students for total ACT Success. There is simply no other course that is this effective or this affordable to schools.


Professional development and Teacher Training is also available if desired. Please contact us for more information!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Benefits of ACT Success to Schools and School Districts. That's you!