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What North Shore Students Have in Common

Whether your son or daughter attends high school at New Trier, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glenbrook North and South or Evanston, they’re all prepping for the critical Spring 2016 ACT Exam. For over 20 years Academic Tutoring Centers has been helping students in these schools improve their ACT scores by an average of 3 to 5 points.  Our one-on-one tutoring and group classes have helped test-takers overcome their anxiety and improve their performance with test-taking rules and tips that extract their maximum score no matter what their knowledge level. Here’s what a few of our students have to say:

ACT Success: The Perfect Program For Students Who Want to Study on Their Own

For the thousands of students whose scores we’ve helped improve, thousands more could not participate in our classes or tutoring sessions because of their busy schedules.  With these students in mind we’ve designed a self-study package that can and will help your child dramatically improve their ACT performance through expert training and testing on their own time.

Our comprehensive ACT Success Home Study Program is designed for the student whose athletics or extracurricular activities makes it impossible to attend our Academic Tutuoring Center classes and tutoring sessions.  It’s the same material that you would receive with our one-on-one courses PLUS a unique set of training videos, “teacher’s guide” and actual, past ACT tests.


The ACT Success Home Study Program Contents



Now in its 9th edition, this textbook presents ACT material in manageable pieces and teaches students EXACTLY what material will be tested on the ACT. Author Jim Giovannini is one of the nation’s leading authorities on ACT and SAT prep and services. Each year, thousands of students successfully prepare for the ACT using ACT Success.

Complete Facilitator’s Guide

factoidsThis invaluable guide contains full lesson plans for a student and family to follow, assuring the highest gains possible on the test. The guide also contains fully explained answers to all items in the textbook, addressing right and wrong answers while detailing the required test taking strategies.

Two Official ACT Exams with Online Scoring

These are real ACT tests that have been retired by ACT. The two exams are used as pre- and post-tests. After taking the test, students log into their personal account and self-score the exam. They can then print a fully detailed report containing their score AND the exact skill associated with each question. Our detailed reporting allows students to refine their skills and raise their scores.

Online Video Lessons/Lectures

Our professional videos, presented by author Jim Giovannini, highlight the most important skills, strategies, tricks and tips required for success on the ACT. The video series is highly motivational and upbeat. We believe that every student can earn their personal A+ on the ACT, and our video series helps them believe and achieve!

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