The SAT is NOT a test of intelligence,
and it’s NOT about how much Math or English you know!

Success on the SAT is ALL about strategies: let us teach you!

Learning HOW to take the SAT is far more important than studying subject matter for endless hours, trying to relearn everything your teachers ever tried to teach you.

Your college admission choices and scholarship opportunities depend on you taking a TARGETED approach to SAT Prep. Let us teach you how to effectively manage your time. Let us show you EXACTLY what the SAT is going to test you on. Let us help you review the exact English, Math, Reading, and Science skills needed on every SAT. Let us hand you the PERFECT strategies for each section. Let’s score Your Personal A+™!

Here’s an example. On the Writing and Language portion of the SAT, most students fall for one of SAT’s traps: students forget to read and correct “in context” and instead take what looks like the easy way out by only reading and correcting the underlined phrases and a few words on either side of the underlined portion.

This is a HUGE mistake!

SAT literally WANTS you to do this so that you don’t earn Your Personal A+™! Instead, we teach our students to READ EVERYTHING AND CORRECT THE UNDERLINED PARTS IN CONTEXT! In other words, read to a logical stopping point and then go back and correct the underlined part(s). This strategy significantly raises English scores. Want more?


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How do we prepare you to accomplish Your Personal A+™?

Pre-test and Post-test

There are two options to gauge where a student is starting out - a full length pre-test or a short form pre-test. The pre-test, whether the long or short version, helps students pinpoint the areas where they need the most improvement. The post-test, also offered in a full length version and a short form version, allows students a final reinforcement of everything they have learned while using the SAT SUCCESS Online course.

Full Video Lessons

Each video lesson is taught by Jim Giovannini, a national leader in test prep. The videos cover the EXACT skills and strategies needed for total success on the SAT. The videos cover all sections of the SAT while also reviewing the EXACT academic skills tested on every SAT exam. It’s not a mystery; the SAT tests the exact same academic skills and test taking strategies every time. Stop guessing and start learning!

Interactive Knowledge Checks

After reviewing the video lessons, students are asked to complete Interactive Knowledge Checks that help internalize the perfect strategies for earning maximum scores.

Skill Builders

We believe in building success one bite at a time. Our Skill Builders allow students to master both the academic skills and test taking strategies needed for students to earn their Personal A+™. By separating the skills into manageable pieces, students build confidence and success without being immediately overwhelmed by full length practice tests.

Practice Passages and Quizzes

Once students have mastered the academic skills and test taking strategies, they move into taking Practice Passages and Quizzes - again, building one success at a time. This is where they will put their newly learned pacing strategies into practice. The SAT is a struggle to finish in the given amount of time; our time tested pacing strategies assure that students know how to finish the test on time. Whether they move too slowly or too quickly, SAT SUCCESS Online teaches all students how to use their time wisely, allowing them to score their Personal A+™. We even include pacing strategies for students receiving extended time!

Full Length Practice Tests

The three full length practice exams further help to ingrain success. Our tests mirror the real SAT and are updated yearly to reflect the most current changes to the SAT exam.

Fully Explained Answers

Students never have to guess why an answer is right or wrong with SAT SUCCESS Online. We provide immediate feedback and full answer explanations for every single item in the course.
SAT SUCCESS Online is the perfect solution for all students seeking to maximize their SAT score, earn more scholarship dollars, and to gain entrance into their desired schools – all at a very affordable price.

Students can switch between sections easily, allowing them to work on any subject at any time, or they can complete the course from start to finish – assuring them of earning their Personal A+™.