Complete Facilitator’s Guide

“This invaluable guide contains full lesson plans for a student and family to follow, assuring the highest gains possible on the test. The guide also contains fully explained answers to all items in the textbook, addressing right and wrong answers while detailing the required test taking strategies.”

A 28 session lesson plan with 3 bonus lessons is the perfect preparation for all students who desire to earn their personal A+ on the ACT. As you know, the ACT has 4 major sections: English, math, reading, & science – plus an optional 30 minute essay, which we encourage you to take. We suggest you start prepping for the ACT no fewer than eight weeks prior to the test you register to take. However, it would be best to give yourself at lest 12 – 16 weeks to finish the full preparation and to not feel overwhelmed. Of course, giving yourself even more time will create a more relaxed pace. (You can register to take the ACT by visiting their website:

The true key to scoring your personal A+ is to master “The Rules” from each section. We have carefully refined these rules to show you EXACTLY what to expect on each section of the ACT. Think of “The Rules” sections as more than remediation of material; they also include the very best hints, tricks, tips, and strategies that you should use while taking the ACT. Follow these 32 lessons closely; they contain a mixture of watching the video lectures, completing the exercises from the book (including skill builders, quizzes, and tests), and taking pre and post tests.

This Facilitator’s Guide not only contains the lesson plan you’re currently using, it also contains the explanations to every single question in the book. We took the time to explain both the right and wrong answers. When you get a question wrong, please look at the explanation to figure out why your wrong answer is wrong and why the correct answer is right. To reach your personal A+ on the ACT, you must utilize self-correction; simply doing exercises with no corrective input is useless.